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     Sam looks around slightly confused, and then checks the message on his PADD again.  He was in the right place, and this was the time… but who sent it?  He looked around again as the school hallway started clearing out as students made their way to class.  He looked one last time at the message before shutting the unit off and dropping it in his bag again.  He was supposed to meet somebody here, but they clearly hadn't shown up and he needed to get to class.  He was almost late as it was.

     Shouldering his bag he takes one step and someone claps a hand over his mouth and hauls him over backwards.  Sam's eyes open wide in shock and fear, he struggles best as he can but he's off balance and whoever has him is incredibly strong.  In an instant he's pulled inside the janitorial supply closet and the door shuts plunging the room into darkness.  A moment later he hears someone lock the door and then the lights come on; hand still over his mouth his attacker turns him to face them and… it's his friend Bom?!  They'd nearly gotten into a fight in the schoolyard months ago, and after that they started spending a lot of time together both during and after school but… why did she drag him in here?!

     She smiles at him and kneeling next to him motions for him to be quiet.  He nods and she releases him, Sam asks in an astonished whisper, "Bom!  What- why are we in the closet?"

     She doesn't say anything.  She smiles at him and leans uncomfortably close then gives him a quick peck right on the lips.  He's never kissed a girl before and the suddenness of it leaves him stunned and speechless.

     She backs off very slightly and just looks at him, struggling to say something, "Sam I-  you…  Damn it."

     She looks down at the floor briefly and mutters under her breath, "I'm no good at this stuff."

     Looking back at him she screws up her courage and finally says, "Sam, I-  I really love you so much.  There are days that I feel that you're the only thing I really have, the only thing that keeps me sane."

     She touches his face, "You… I don't know why but you've done so much for me.  I love you…  and I want to show you how much."

     Sam tries backing away, stammering a bit, "Show me?  What do you m-"

     That's all he gets out as she kisses him again, full on the mouth this time.  Sam's eyes are wide open, he doesn't know what is happening.  She grabs his hand and starts guiding it toward her breasts…

     Sam pulls away from her, shaking violently.

     Bom puts her ears back and snaps angrily at him, "What is your problem?  Huh?"

     Sam can't stop shaking, "Bom I'm…  I'm scared.  It's…  I…"

     She looks perplexed.  Her ears come back up but she still looks a little miffed at him, "Scared?  But I thought…  They didn't look scared in the movies, they looked-."

     Sam just looks confused on top of it all now, "What are you talking about?"

     Bom sits up; giving him some needed distance then blushes a little and giggles, "I found them in my Dad's study.  A bunch of videos of men and women, you know, doing it."

     Sam giggles a bit himself, the change in her demeanor calming him a little, "You found what?"

     She kneels and taps her wrist, bringing up a holodisplay that hovers in the air just in front of her, "I can show you, I figured out how to upload a few of them to my wireless."

     Sam, confident she isn't going to jump him again, sits up then scoots closer, "You did what?  When did you get a wireless?"

      "Dad got it for me; mostly so he can keep a closer eye on me.  He doesn't know I figured out how to feed it garbage reports so he thinks I'm in class right now."

     Out in the hallway an outburst of laughter from the custodian's closet is overheard by a passing staff member.  Alerted, he walks over to investigate.  Muffled voices can be heard from the door.


      "Think anyone heard us?"

      "Oh crap!  Somebody's coming!"

      "What do we do?"

      "Quick!  Out the window!"

      "The window?!  I can't-"

      "Sure you can!  Here, I'll give you a boost."

     A crash can be heard as he fits his key into the lock on the door.  A girl's voice comes through the door

      "Ouch, uh, you're okay, just walk it off.  Oh sh-  Get out of the way will you!"

     A second crash emanates from the open window as he opens the door to the now trashed closet.  The window is wide open and muffled voices can be heard coming through it from the grounds below.

     Outside, Sam is still in a heap in the bushes, "That was close!"

     Bom is on her feet trying to pull him upright, "We aren't out of trouble yet stupid!  Get up!  We gotta run for it!"


Growing up, Sam's friend Bom had a knack for keeping his life very interesting. Months after resolving their differences on the playground, Bom wants to repay Sam for his kindness to her... the only problem is she doesn't have any idea how.

Years later, Bom would leave for college and they'd be forced to part ways for a while.

I meant to have this up yesterday but, eh, didn't have the illustration done. So, here it is today instead. :D

Sam and Bom are both characters from my webcomic, "The Fold Space".
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nomyai Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Ahhh, yes, the blundering about of youth! ;-)

Cute little tale of the first kiss and the "escape".
WafflesToo Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Isn't it great? To bad we only get to do it once XD

I loved writing their escape :D
talon-serena Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
These two have such a crazy relationship. She tries, and fortunately Sam's got the patience (and the gift of being so easily stalled in sheer bogglement) to go along with her emotional clumsiness.

I think the only way to describe them is "hijinks ensue".

Love it. :3
WafflesToo Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
HIJINKS! Definitely a good way to describe them :XD:

You have no idea how nervous I was about this story.
Avalon620 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Student Writer
Awwwww, how adorable! :iconawwehplz:
WafflesToo Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Ahhhh... thanks :blush:

Thanks for the +fav on it as well.
Avalon620 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Student Writer
My pleasure! :)
Technic-WoIf Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
real story/ reactment or fictional :3?
WafflesToo Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
LOL, now now, that would be telling ;p
Technic-WoIf Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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